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Burgers with Attitude & Quality Time with Wifey at Point Walter

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Mondays. Always hard to get up and go on a Monday. Unfortunately such is life so I was sure to make sure Erin and I had something to look forward to when she got home from work. This involved making sure she didn’t have any housework or cooking to do when she got home. Unfortunately I was in no mood to cook either since I couldn’t be bothered going out to the shop for ingredients so I decided to surprise her by taking her out instead.

Erin had been ranting about “Burgers with Attitude”  where she claimed they had the best burgers in Perth. I was definitely sceptical as I usually am towards the term “best”. To add to my scepticism, she hadn’t even tried one of the burgers and heard they were the best. I decided to humour her and go along anyway.

As soon as we arrived my scepticism only grew when I saw that the interior was being redone. But alas there was hope. The menu was honest and simple as I opted for the original burger filled with juicy beef patty, tomato relish, lettuce, onion, pickles & aioli with cheese ($14.50). Erin chose the same but without the cheese ($13.00). Toss in a medium box of chips ($5.00) and aioli ($1.50) to share and we took our seats at the bench near the window.


At this point I peered around at my surroundings to see that it was a small and humble little place. But this wasn’t really a restaurant, more like a burger bar where you can enjoy a burger and chips and be on your way. It really seemed like the place was all about the burgers. Here’s what they had to say about their bread they use for their buns:

Sourdough is the oldest and most original form of leavened bread. Our mother sponge is several years old and fed flour and water everyday. The sponge is a stable, symbiotic relationship between good bacteria (lacto bacillus) like that found in yoghurt and wild yeast. Everyday, a portion of this mother dough is incorporated into each batch of new burger bun dough and this gives our buns a better texture and more developed flavour. The keeping quality and reheating of our buns are also enhanced. The unique fermentation of the sourdough changes the nature of the starches in the finished dough, creating a more beneficial and healthier bread.


After about 8 minutes of waiting the food arrived in a large brown paper bag. I unwrapped my burger to be greeted with great delight a burger that looked … real. The bun looked, felt and smelled fresh while the toppings looked like they were placed with care. As the star of the show, the patty glistened in it’s own cooking juices and oil. The chips also looked fantastic with nice long cuts and well seasoned with salt (chicken salt would’ve been nice). The aioli was ok but definitely had better aioli elsewhere like Little Creatures’ garlic aioli. In comparison this was more like glorified mayonnaise.


Erin definitely was a happy camper. Then again, she loves everything. If I had to give a review of the place I would feel under qualified as I’m no “foodie”. From what I could gather, the food was honest and reasonably priced for what it was. Look forward to a burger that has the same freshness of a homemade burger but with the taste of true burger joint. The chips were amazing as well, we finished every little crumb with the remaining aioli. The only thing I could remark for improvement is the order in which the tomato sauce went in the burger. A really nice meal but at $34 for dinner for two, I wouldn’t put this in the daily category.


After dinner I decided to spend some quality time with Erin before going home, back to work (editing wedding photos). We went around the corner to Point Walter to walk down the riverbed where the ocean meets the river to burn off some of the calories consumed. By this time the tide had already come in and we couldn’t get very far. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable walk with Erin being a good egg and carrying my thongs for me so I could have a hand free to take photos. After a long day of Monday, this was just what she needed to feel loved and appreciated. I definitely enjoyed myself too and appreciated all the little things Erin did for me everyday like carrying my thongs so I could take photos. To show her I cared for her too, I turned off the camera and held her other hand in mine as we walked back to the car to call it a day.


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January 7, 2013 at 9:07 PM

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  2. […] Monday how you have crept up on us again! Mondays are the days I usually try to do something nice for Erin as it is tough day to get up and get to work after a great weekend of rest and play. Today I […]

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